Gingerbread Crunch Push Up Pop Cake!

Oh Yum! The Taste of Ginger and Spice Makes Every Holiday Push Up Cake Nice…

Here in the Giarraffa kitchen, I was pondering for new push pop cake ideas for the holidays. I thought a nice spice cake would be great with these little sugar gingerbread men for decorations on the top of the push up cake. I wanted more than just a standard spice cake for the “how to” video so I thought about it some more and came up with a super simple idea to give a bit of crunch to the cake using crushed gingerbread cookies, brown sugar and cinnamon. OMG… YUMMY!

The push up pop cakes came out so cute…

gingerbread crunch cake push up pop cake idea

Supplies and Ingredients you will need for the Push up Cakes:

  • Spice cake batter. (if using a box cake mix, one box will fill 1 jelly roll pan or 1/2 sheet pan)
  • Jelly Roll Pan
  • 18 Push Pop Containers 3.04 oz or 24 Half Size Push Pop Containers 2.16 oz. ( you can buy the professional push pop containers directly from Giarraffa Co. at
  • Gingerbread Crunch Mix
  • Gingerbread or other festiveĀ  cupcake toppers.
  • Cake icing ( I used our professional cake decorators icing recipe)

What you will need to make the Gingerbread Crunch Mix:

  • 2 cups crunched up gingerbread cookies
  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoons Cinnamon
  • 1 and 1/2 cups brown sugar

Mix together and sprinkle on top of your spice cake batter just before baking.

Filling Your Push Pop Containers:

Its best to have all of your push up pop containers assembled and ready to fill. With the newer design on the Giarraffa Co. push pop containers, you can now fill your push pop containers without the stick having to be attached. Just put the push up base in the tube and start layering your cake and filling of choice. You can attach the stick later when it is time to push up your treats.

Yield: 1 jelly roll pan will yield 18 standard push up pop cakes or 24 mini push up pop cakes.

Here is the video on how to make your Gingerbread Crunch Push up Pop Cakes.

Different Ideas to put on top of your holiday push up cakes.

Crhistmas Push up Cakes

We would love to know what you think about this push up cake idea! Feel free to share your comments below. !





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